An alkaline diet

The health benefits of an alkaline diet have been widely reported, but alkaline products can also bring extra benefits to your exercise.

At a cellular level, the building blocks of the body can be affected by the body’s pH level. Too much acidic waste, left behind by modern food and drinking habits and stress and pollutants in the environment, can lower the body’s pH level causing acidosis. 

Acidosis is believed to be a contributing factor to the following health concerns: 

  • dizziness
  • digestive problems
  • the development of more serious symptoms
  • fainting
  • sinus problems
  • headaches
  • lowered immunity

Angel Natural Alkaline Nutrition products make a perfect solution. Containing effective alkaline compounds, they can help combat these symptoms so you are free to make the most out of every workout. 

pHenomenal results

Using alkaline based sports nutrition products alongside alkaline spring water before, during, and after your workout can help with: 

Performance and recovery: When we train, lactic acid builds up in muscles lowering their pH level and leaving them prone to fatigue and increased muscle soreness. Alkaline products help to neutralise lactic acid, counteracting fatigue and speeding up your recovery. 

Replacing minerals and electrolytes: Our alkaline products are rich in minerals and electrolytes, and help to replace lost electrolytes after a heavy sweaty session at the gym so you stay on top form.

Hydration: When we exercise we sweat, losing water from the body. As your body is made up of 65% water, restore your hydration levels with Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water and Angel Natural Alkaline Nutrition products made or mixed with alkaline spring water. 

Detoxification: Angel products are rich in anti-oxidants from our Collagen Sport Liquid and Energy Shots made with mineral packed spring water to our natural cocoa high protein chocolate bars. Remove acidic waste from the body and improve your overall wellness with each bite and sip.