Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water is sourced from a fresh water spring in Lancashire with an interesting past. First documented over 400 years ago, the spring’s water has been widely renowned throughout history for having healing properties, reportedly curing ‘sickly’ Elizabethans and removing the ailments of Georgian villagers and their livestock. 

Over time, the Mawdesley Village spring and its healing powers were buried. On finding out about the spring and its history, the current landowner carried out a complex excavation, restoring the alkaline water source to its former glory.

Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire

Charles Leigh (1700)

Around 1690, Charles Leigh, a physician, visited the spring and compared the water to the then famous healing springs and baths in Harrogate, which been recognised by Harrogate’s physicians as having healing powers that could cure a variety of ailments with patients advised to drink or bathe in the water to relieve their maladies. Leigh continued to suggested that the Mawdesley spring, having similar qualities, would allow nearby patrons to have their illnesses and conditions cured locally.

The History of the Principle of Mineral Waters

Dr. Thomas Short (1740)

Short would have visited the Mawdesley spring well around 1730. In his journal he comments on the high mineral content, especially sulphur, and the medicinal qualities of the water, and how it could benefit people who could both drink or bathe in it. Short also recognised the water had previously cured cutaneous disorders and ulcers.

A unique natural alkaline water

The spring was excavated and was discovered to produce fresh water at a pH level of 8.2, containing alkaline compounds and electrolytes believed to improve health and wellbeing. 

The exposed rock formation surrounding the spring takes the shape of angel, which coincidentally matches the shape of an angel pendant worn by the landowner, giving the water its celestial inspired name.

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water is the go-to refreshment for sportspeople, celebrities, and members of the public who love the smooth taste of the alkaline water and are feeling the benefits of the spring. 

The water is used in the production of Angel Natural Alkaline Nutrition Products to enhance the properties of these nutritionally balanced exercise supplements, or to help with the preparation and mixing of the supplements. 

Environmentally conscious, Angel Natural Alkaline Water is committed to reducing plastic usage. Taking a positive approach towards a 100% recycling target Angel Natural Alkaline Water can be found in recyclable aluminium cans and glass bottles.

Angel Revive Natural Alkaline Water is constantly looking at potential ways in which its unique water can be enjoyed with future products being planned such as flavoured and sparkling water.